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10 Proven Techniques to Boost Ecommerce Sales in 2022

Online shopping has become a popular trend. Customers are looking for deals and discounts online rather than going to stores. But, running a successful ecommerce business is like juggling a million balls at once.

So, learn how to increase your online store conversion rates and drive more sales by using the right tactics and strategies.

Here are the techniques to improve your Ecommerce sales.

Find Your Target Audience

First, you need to know who your target audience is. They are characterized by location, behavior, age, occupation, and other factors. You must identify and understand the needs of your target audiences to provide what they really want.

Better the value you provide, the higher your conversion rate.

So, you should be aware of selecting your audiences. They must be purchase intentive ones so that both of you get benefits.

Google Analytics helps you with that. It allows you to find out the factors like age, gender, and country to target them particularly. You can create an account on that and go to Audience >> Demographics >> Overview to see the below page.

demographics page of google analytics showing the stats

On the dashboard, the graph and the pie charts show the stats clearly in various colors to understand easily. This tool was used to measure several metrics with its default dimensions. Also, we can create some custom dimensions to capture additional information.

Thus, with the help of this tool, you could easily find out your target audience for your Ecommerce business.

Set Up Email Marketing Campaigns

With Email marketing tools, you can create campaigns to notify customers of their orders. Also, to send weekly newsletters and promote store exclusive offers. Some sites offer email templates, you can use them or create your own to get started.

In this Ecommerce world, there are a lot of competitors for your business, so it is important to contact customers directly to encourage multiple purchases. Also, the advantage is that you could easily convince existing customers more than new customers.

By doing Email marketing, your upselling chances are high. For that, you need a suitable plugin for your business niche. Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce plugin lets you create professional emails and customize everything in WooCommerce order notification emails.

Banner image of email customizer plus for WooCommerce plugin

Recover Abandoned Carts

Retailers are losing millions of dollars on sales due to abandoned shopping carts. On average, only 7% of the total customers buy something after viewing the product listing on a site.

So, you have to use every opportunity to convert visitors into customers When the customer goes to check out, they may feel that the product does not suit them or leave in a hurry.

No matter what caused them to abandon the cart, you must recover them as soon as possible.

Banner image of abandoned cart recovery plugin

The Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin is here to help you by sending personalized emails to your customers within minutes. Send reminders, create triggered pop-ups, and convince customers to complete their purchases so that you get more sales.

So, encourage your customers to retain their abandoned carts and make purchases on your site.

Set Up Goals & Analyse Your Progress

Setting up goals in Google Analytics is easy. So, let’s get started. Go to Analytics >> Admin >> View >> Goals >> + New Goal and set up the goal based on your business needs.

After that, Analytics will track conversions based on visits or user actions that occur on your site.

A/B testing method shows the stats of an ecommerce site

A/B testing is a factor to consider when making such progress. In this, you need to test two different versions of the content on your site.

First, try the content you already have and wait for the results. If the results do not come right, you should go with Plan B.

Check here to get detailed information about the A/B testing. Several tools are there to help you to do A/B testing.

By doing such tests on your site, you will clearly know what you need to do on your site to bring in more sales and higher conversion rates.

Use Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos are a great way to show your customers how to use a product and help convince them that it’s right for them.

Rather than writing the content of product pages page-wise, providing a video of the particular product helps them understand easily. Most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading the whole page.

a screen showing the video demonstration on an ecommerce page

So, you should use product video demonstrations on your site’s product page to engage the visitors to your site. It also lowers the bounce rate as well. Instead of providing links to videos on YouTube and some other sites, it’s better to display them on your page.

Providing dynamic videos with relevant images attracts more users and increases the conversion rate of your site.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the backbone of ecommerce sales. Our services should deliver the right message, to the right person and at the right time.

Our customer services should provide assistance to customers in finding the right product or solution. Also, if they can not find a solution to their problems or a product for their needs, our team should be there to help them.

a lady talking to the customers to solve their issues

Even though the phone number and email details are there to solve their doubts, customers always expect speedy help. So, providing a live chat option on your site’s page helps them clear their doubts and builds strong trust among them.

Here’s an example: the live chat option of Intercom provides a beautiful look and welcomes the visitor with trustworthy words. 

Also, they have displayed nearly three of their customer support persons and a message bar beneath that. Customers can ask their queries through that box and they’ll get a reply within minutes.

You could also provide an option like this to build trust and gain more sales.

Social Media Presence

Social media is a great place to reach your customers and build brand awareness. You can also drive people directly to your ecommerce site to make any purchases.

There are many ways to market your business on social media, but the most effective way is to show people what they want to see.

desktop surrounded by different social media icons

Nowadays, we are all active on social media, so it is easy to target our customers and reach them with our product details. All you need to do is identify the specific site you want to target.

For example, if you are selling any cosmetics or other skin care products that are related to ladies, then you have to post your content on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Likewise, target your customers based on your business types.

Create a business account and post your content regularly to get notified. Also, provide your contact details to build trust and increase sales opportunities.

Improve User Experience & Mobile-Friendliness

A good user experience is one of the most important things for an Ecommerce business. The appearance of your website plays a vital role in sales—the proper placement of CTAs (Call To Action) to help users choose their favorite options.

a man access an ecommerce site with good user experience

Provide clear headings tags (H1, H2, H3) to understand the title and content. Also, to find out the exact subheadings, images, etc, on the page.

Use A/B testing to determine which design suits your website and attracts more users.

Heatmaps also help you with this. It shows which area of ​​your page has the most clicks. So you can easily design your page based on the needs of your users.

a desktop and mobile showing the same page to check the viewability

People who use different devices like desktops, mobile phones, and tablets visit your site. They always want to go to a site quickly and make their purchases without frustration.

So, make sure that your Ecommerce site is a mobile-friendliness one. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your SEO score and search engine visibility.

Provide Personalized Product Page

E-commerce sites need to have product pages that speak to the visitors in a language they understand. The product page is one of the most critical pages on your store, as it is responsible for close to 50% of all conversions for online retailers.

On the product page, you must list all of the features. Use appropriate images and videos (at least 1), as well as product statistics, to learn more about your product’s position and worth in the market.

a lady customizing the product page in WooCommerce

You can choose a color theme and style, design your header banner, and add a custom footer on the product page.

Sometimes, you do not provide enough details about your product on the page. The reason was, that the default options do not provide all the fields you want.

For that, you need a suitable plugin for your business need. 

Extra Product Options and Custom Addons plugin helps to add 16+ different custom product fields for your WooCommerce product.

banner image of extra product options and custom addons WooCommerce plugin

So, easily customize your site’s product page the way you want. There are a lot more features are in the plugin.

Let’s give it a try its free version. If you want to explore all the features, then go with the Extra Product Options Pro!

Customize Your Cart & Checkout Pages

Cart Page Customization

Design a customized cart page that speaks directly to your customers. The cart page lets customers know what they’re buying and how much of it.

It is the last chance you have to convince your customers to make a purchase. Take the opportunity to show them how great you are.

a person viewing the cart page of an ecommerce site

Showcase your products in a personalized and intuitive way by highlighting special prices, sales, promotions, and new offers – all in real-time.

Suggest additional products that are related to which are already on the customer’s cart. Also, offer different payment options for their flexibility.

Check here for more information about cart page optimizations.

Checkout Page Customization

Checkout is the page where your customers enter their information and payment details, then complete the purchase. It plays a vital role in the overall shopping experience of your website.

a man customizing the checkout page in WooCommerce

So, you need to have a customized checkout page to increase sales and conversion rates. With the default options, you cannot make such changes to your checkout page.

Checkout Field Editor and Manager for the WooCommerce plugin helps you to easily customize your checkout pages (and fields) as you want. It allows you to add 17+ different custom checkout fields to your checkout.

Automatic field validation, less price, light-weight, add, edit, and modify the fields based on your need. There are many more features in this plugin.

banner image of checkout field editor and manager for woocommerce plugin

It also has a free version so let’s give it a try. After that, if want to explore all of its features, then move with the Checkout Field Editor Pro!

Check here to know more about customizing the checkout pages in WooCommerce.


As I said above, in this competitive Ecommerce world, you must have to do something bigger to achieve your goal. I have listed the top 10 best techniques that help to increase your Ecommerce sales. Apply these on your site and get benefits.


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