Outfit J2store Mobile App

Instance Synchronization from the mobile app to the j2store website and vice versa, the users & products data will be updated smoothly and instantly.

Elegant Ionic J2store Mobile App

It’s best for your j2store e-commerce business website with an impressive UI & UX design mobile layout. Built with j2store e-commerce functionalities.!

Real-Time Synchronization

At first, every product detail like images, contents, user, inventory, and order-related data can be synced with the website in real-time.

App Store and Store Listening

In particular, we can help you to publish your j2store mobile app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store at no extra cost. Now, it’s easy to publish in your own App Store & Play store account.

Restful API

The mobile app uses the native J2Store’s RESTful API. It integrates the OAuth protocol for seamless authentication. So no need for your customers to open a browser, visit your site, and order. Offer them an app.

Fully Ready-Made

The app can be customized and launched with a source code package. Customers can open the app, add products to the cart, checkout, and pay. Similarly, All happens within the mobile app as same as in your j2store website.

Fully Customizable

You can change the branding including store colors, logo, header, footer, and more. The app is built using the Ionic framework and works beautifully with the J2Store website.

Product Type Support

The app supports Simple, variable, and Flexivariable product types only. The configurable and downloadable products are not available with the mobile app.

Quick, Smooth Checkout

Let the customer view the product, add it to the cart & checkout. Easily choose payment options and make the payment. And Done! It’s fast and simple.

Shipping Methods

Same like j2store listed shipping methods are supported in mobile app too.No need to do any additional work in coding.

Order History

The app comes with complete order history. Customers can view the entire history and the order details.


Allow customers to buy in the currency of their preference. Currency exchange value can be auto-update.


Reach a larger audience with ease, Strengthen customer experience, Earn trust and authenticity, and Gain a competitive advantage.

Payment Gateways

The main purpose of a payment gateway is to process transactions for your business of any kind. To make this happen, multiple payment gateways can be the best option. It provides you with extended pay-ability and a high level of perceived professionalism, trust, and legitimacy. All these attributes of multiple gateways are sure to make a convenient shopping experience.

Multiple Product Images

A product image is important for an e-commerce store as it creates the impression on the buyer. An image enhances the product description which makes it appealing for the visitors of the eStore

Sliders & Banners

The main advantages of banner sliders are the chance to present images in many ways. You can take advantage of multiple slider formats and choose the most suitable one for your audience and brand. Also, update Sliders & banners without code push in the app store and play store.

Push Notification

Reach audiences when they want, where they want. Engage users with highly curated content. In the book store app, the admin can easily send the offer details to the customers via the push notification.

Up-Sells & Cross-Sells / Related Products

Upselling and cross-selling are mutually beneficial when done properly, providing maximum value to customers and increasing revenue without the recurring cost of many marketing channels.