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8+ Must Have WordPress Plugins For E-Commerce Store Websites in 2022

Are you looking for suitable plugins to build up your Ecommerce store website based on your niches?

Then, you’re in the right place! 

WordPress is the most powerful and feature-packed website builder for e-commerce websites. On that, you can do just anything you need like creating a form to boost up your page score without any coding knowledge.

Plugins are gifted to us by the growing popularity of WordPress. The only problem is, there are more than 50,000 plug-ins, which one is most suitable for your online store? 

To help narrow down your options, I’ve covered 6 must-have WordPress plugins on this page. They help to enhance the user experience. These WooCommerce plugins are enough to create an Ecommerce store.

It suits different platforms like

  • Grocery store website
  • Meat store website
  • Cloth-related websites (Boutiques)
  • Food-related websites (Restaurants)
  • Hospital websites (Medicals, Dentals, HealthCare, Nursing)
  • Jewellery, Leather, Handcrafts websites

They still suit many others. Below shown are the must-have WordPress plugins that help you to build your Ecommerce store websites.

Let’s take a look at the plugins.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the king of Ecommerce plugins in WordPress. It was created by the World’s most popular platform, WordPress.com. Helps to build your store website significantly. Nearly 28.24% of the online stores have been built on WooCommerce. In this, size doesn’t matter. So, you can create a store website of any size.

banner image of woocommerce wordpress plugin

Fully compatible with the functions that are present on your WordPress site. The customization is unbelievable. You can change the appearance of your site with thousands of WooCommerce themes.

A huge benefit is that they are all free of cost. It has configurable shipping options so you don’t need any other plugin to do your shipping process.

Benefits for you

  • Free of cost and built with WordPress
  • Both digital and physical goods are supported
  • Allowed to sell external (affiliate) products
  • Blog integration helps to rank your site
  • Easily manage your inventory or access it with a manager
  • Ass several payment options using extensions
  • Easy customization and higher functionality

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Are you having issues selling digital products on your online store? No worries. The easy digital downloads plugin is here to help you with it. There are no limitations for downloads while distributing your products.

Its neatly designed cart page allows customers to purchase multiple items at a time without any interruption.

banner image of easy digital downloads plugin

You can track the IP address, date, and time of the downloads purchased on your site easily. It has a built-in data reporting system, so you could be able to see the entire data like stats and create custom reports for your niches.

Benefits for you

  • Flexible payment options
  • In-depth Ecommerce reports
  • Safe file encryption
  • Adaptable to any theme
  • Neat checkout and shopping cart
  • Makes it simple to find sales and product information
  • Customers’ secure account page

Pricings per year

Personal Pass: $99.50

Extended Pass: $199.50

Professional Pass: $299.50

All-Access Pass: $499.50

You’ll get enough features in the free version itself. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

3. Yoast SEO

All of us must have competition on our respective platforms. We’ve to beat them to sell our products more. For that, Yoast SEO is here. It ensures that our site was SEO optimized and pushes our pages to the top of search engine result pages.

banner image of yoast seo plugin

On-page SEO and readability scores are displayed below the content so that we can correct them. Yoast is the most powerful SEO tool used by many users Worldwide.

It allows us to put the focus keyphrase, meta tags, and some others to high our site’s visibility on search engines. It helps to increase our site’s health and reduces the spamming score.

Benefits for you

  • Fully automated technical SEO improvements
  • SEO and readability analysis
  • Finest Schema.org integration
  • Serves faster loading time for our site
  • XML sitemaps are advanced and easily understood by search engines
  • Supports to work flawlessly in different languages
  • With its preview feature, we can see how our pages look in the SERPs

Pricings per year

Premium Plugin: $99.00

You’ll get enough features in the free version itself. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

4. Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Create customized emails for your customers to have a long-lasting relationship with them to do more deals. The email customizer for the WooCommerce plugin has a live preview feature that helps to design our emails better and based on our niches. 

banner image of email customizer plugin

It provides a visual template editor in its default. So, we can build stunning emails with images, videos, GIFs, etc. Customize the look of our existing ones with this plugin to get more reach.

Also, you can create custom templates for your business types. Several elements are available there to design your emails.

Benefits for you

  • Include multimedia in your emails
  • Add WooCommerce hooks for simple conversion
  • Simple drag and drop form builder
  • A real-time preview is available
  • Import and export emails at a click
  • Multiple columns provided to do different tasks
  • Design emails in multiple languages (WPML compatibility)

Pricings per year

Single site: $39.00

5 sites: $69.00

25 sites: $129.00

You’ll get enough features in the free version itself. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

5. Weight Based Pricing for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to select the weight according to their choice with the weight-based pricing for the WooCommerce plugin. It helps to define your inventory in weight and set prices based on weight ranges. It applies to all weight-based products.

banner image of weight based pricing for woocommerce plugin

Custom fields like minimum and maximum weight limit, weight interval, wastage percentage, and custom weight rule with multi-price ranges help you to set prices for your products dynamically.

You can provide variable prices for a single product based on the weight range. You can create and modify the custom label based on your niches.

Benefits for you

  • Free of cost and multiple weight ranges
  • Easily customizable options and simple pricing rules work seamlessly
  • Enable / Disable weight-based pricing globally
  • Configure weight rules according to different weight ranges
  • Calculates actual weight based on the wastage percentage
  • Set intervals/steps for the customers to choose
  • Create and set the position of the custom label

6. Extra Product Options (Custom Addons) for WooCommerce

Customize your store website’s product pages easily and based on your niches with the extra product options and custom addons for the WooCommerce plugin. You can add 16+ different custom fields to your products to acquire more details from your customers on the product page.

banner image of extra product options and custom addons woocommerce plugin

Let your customers personalize their purchases. Add, edit, remove and modify the fields on billing, shipping, order, and custom sections. Dynamic fields, file uploading options, help text features, and some others are there to explore your products!

Custom fields like multi-select, radio buttons, header, paragraph, date, time, and color pickers help you to define your product and show what all that is.

Benefits for you

  • Allows you to edit custom and default product fields
  • Show / Hide columns with the dynamic fields options
  • Enable / Disable forms based on your needs
  • Provides easy section positioning
  • Hidden inputs help to hide some particular data from your customers
  • A simple drag and drop form builder is provided to create the form easily
  • Serves a user-friendly and improved UI

Pricings per year

Single site: $49.00

3 sites: $79.00

10 sites: $129.00

You’ll get a year of support and updates with a license. The features in the free version are enough for some users. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

7. Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce

A powerful plugin allows you to customize your site’s checkout page according to your specialties. Provides 17+ different custom checkout fields to capture some additional information from the customers during their checkout process. Create and place several custom sections.

banner image of checkout field editor and manager for woocommerce plugin

Validates the fields to ensure your data quality. You can edit the input field label, class, type, and placeholder of the fields. Also, make a particular field required based on its need.

Duplicate the fields to minimize your work. Show or hide, and reorder the checkout fields. Get details like delivery instructions, order delivery dates, customer identification number, etc.

Benefits for you

  • Additional CSS classes provided
  • Make fields required or optional based on their needs
  • Change the order of the fields with drag and drop builder on the checkout page
  • Add, edit, delete and modify the custom as well as default checkout fields
  • Serves easily customizable options to work flawlessly
  • Provides a dynamic and user-friendly interface
  • The automatic field validation feature is available

Pricings per year

Single site: $49.00

3 sites: $79.00

10 sites: $129.00

You’ll get a year of support and updates with a license. The features in the free version are enough for some users. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

8. Jetpack

All of us need a backup plugin to save our data and also a security plugin to protect us from several kinds of malware. Would you believe me if I told you that these two things are available in one plugin? Yes, Jetpack provides high security, backup, and speed for us. It’s an all-in-one solution.

banner image of jetpack wordpress plugin

Every modification you make to your website is saved with real-time backups. All you want to do is, just a click. It automatically blocks spam on your blog posts.

The activity log section tells you exactly who harmed your site. Gives alarms through emails to stop the huge losses. Provides some automated marketing tools to get some reach.

Benefits for you

  • Speed up and grow your site in one place
  • Serves secure logins and protection from some major attacks
  • Improves the performance of your site by boosting up
  • Significant spam protection for your site
  • Provides free CDN to deliver faster than ever
  • Speed enhancements help to rank higher on search engines
  • Both Android and iOS app versions are available so that you can access them anywhere

Pricings per month

(Billed yearly)

Backup: ₹209.00

Security: ₹479.00

Complete: ₹1,599.00

You’ll get enough features in the free version itself. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

Additional Tools

9. Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Next on the list is an Elementor add-on that comes with a prolific WooCommerce builder. Exclusive Add-ons let you build e-commerce websites with all the essential elements. The WooBuilder includes elements like Product Image, Product Title, Product Breadcrumb, “Thank You Order Details” and more that you can use to design a shop page, single product page, and “Thank You” page for your online shop.

banner image of exclusive addons for elementor plugin

Besides the WooBuilder, the Exclusive Add-ons come with a bunch of individual elements for WooCommerce that you can use those widgets to design e-commerce sites with Elementor.

Furthermore, the Elementor add-on has more to offer than just WooCommerce elements. It comes with features that help you build a full-function site of any kind with ease.

Benefits for you

  • Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce
  • Exclusive WooBuilder for Elementor
  • 24+ WooCommerce widget for Elementor
  • 50+ readymade templates
  • 108+ Elementor widgets
  • Exclusive WebGL Plugin
  • 24/7 customer support

Pricings per year

 Starter Plan: $39.00

 Exclusive Plan: $89.00

 Business Plan: $159.00

You’ll get enough features in the free version itself. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

10. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

The plugin provides advanced coupon features and functionalities for a WooCommerce store owner. The plugin adds more options that can help you add more coupon rules and restrictions than it would be possible using WooCommerce default coupon settings. You can also create different kinds of promotional campaigns using the plugin.

banner image of smart coupons for woocommerce plugin

Benefits for you

  • Create more restrictions for coupons to maximize the ROI
  • Create different kinds of coupon campaigns like seasonal discounts, product giveaways, giving store credits, recovering abandoned carts, gift coupons, and more.
  • Increase conversion with features like auto-apply coupons, URL coupons, etc.
  • Easily manage coupons with features like duplicate coupons, import coupons, etc.
  • Show available coupons for customers on their account page

Pricings per year

  Single Site: $69.00

  5 sites: $99.00

  25 sites: $199.00

You’ll get enough features in the free version itself. If you want to explore more, then go with the pro.

11. WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin

Do you ever struggle with running the ad campaigns for your WooCommerce products? 

Well, CTX Feed is here to solve that problem. It is the most optimized and error-free product feed generator for WordPress eCommerce stores. Besides Google shopping, Bing, eBay, and Rakuten, it supports 100+ popular marketing channels across the world.

banner image of woocommerce product feed manager plugin

You can generate an unlimited product feed for free with this WooCommerce product feed manager plugin. It doesn’t matter how big your inventory is, CTX Feed can generate feeds with hundreds of thousands of products. 

Besides that, CTX Feed also includes the variables and product variations on the feed. Long story short, this plugin will leave nothing behind while generating feeds for the WooCommerce stores.

Benefits for you

  • Supports 100+ marketing channels
  • Feeds will be updated automatically
  • Supports multi-currency and multilingual feeds
  • Smart product filtering facility
  • Advanced attribute mapping functionality
  • Multi-vendor feed generation support
  • Add custom fields as attribute values.

Pricings per year

For a year of updates,

Single site: $119

5 sites: $199

10 sites: $229

For lifetime updates,

Single site: $676

5 sites: $1,034

10 sites: $1,282

The free version is enough to generate a WooCommerce product feed. But, you will need the pro version for the advanced features like adding product meta, taxonomies, custom fields or attributes, multilingual or multi-currency support, etc.


With these plugins, you have the maximum control and flexibility on your site. Sell your digital products online easily. Optimize your site to get a high SEO score and rank top in SERPs. Create and send customizing emails to your customers to build a long relationship.

Set prices for your products based on their weight ranges. Customize and add custom fields on the product and checkout pages. Create backup and have a secured site.

I hope, I’ve covered enough WordPress plugins for creating an Ecommerce store website. If I miss something, then feel free to mention that in the comment section. Thank you!


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