Weight Based Pricing for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Weight-based Pricing plugin helps you define your inventory in weight and set prices based on weight ranges. Simple to use and well-performing one. Allow your customers to select the weight according to their choice. It applies to all weight-based products.

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Simple to use, yet with a big impact

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User Friendly

Weight Based Pricing Plugin comes with a user-friendly interface and dynamic-looking one. This allows you to select a custom product weight which makes the product more specific to the user’s choice. It’ll help to increase your conversion rate.

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custom fields of weight based pricing plugin

Custom Fields

Weight Based Pricing Plugin provides the following custom field types: Minimum and Maximum weight limit, Weight Interval, Wastage percentage, and Custom weight rule with Multi-price Range.

Customizable Options

WooCommerce weight-based plugin allows you to add or edit multiple weight ranges with varying price limits based on the weight chosen. An optimized product leads to increased sales by increasing customers’ curiosity and making an order. Give it a try with the WooCommerce weight plugin.

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enabling the weight based pricing rule

Enable / Disable  Weight

Now, using the WooCommerce weight-based plugin, you can choose the prices based on preference. Also, show or hide the custom weight input option on your site. If you need to use a custom weight option for a specific product, then you’ll simply select that enable weight-based pricing for your product.

Actual Weight

This feature helps to know the actual weight of your product based on the reduced wastage percentage. On the product page, below the weight select option, you’ll be able to see the actual weight. Get clarified yourself with this actual weight. You can simply enter the waste percent in the wastage percentage field and let your customers know about that without any doubt!

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different pricing rules of the plugin

Pricing Rule

You can provide variable prices for a single product based on the weight range. You can set multiple weight ranges with specified regular and sale prices of that range. Customers can get an increase in their discount price with an increase in weight.

WPML & Loco Compatible

The plugin is compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin and Loco Plugin. The multilingual plugin lets you translate website content into different languages.

WPML and LOCO plugin compatability
weight based shipping plugin compatibility

Weight-based Shipping Plugin Compatible

The plugin is compatible with all weight shipping plugins. The shipping plugin calculates the shipping rates based on the weight range.

Custom Label

WooCommerce product add-ons allow you to determine the label of the “Add To Cart” button, “Sale Price” and “Actual Weight”. You can modify it of your choice.

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