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How to Customize the Product Pages in WooCommerce?

Are you looking for a perfect solution to customize your WooCommerce product pages? Then this article is specially made for you. It’ll help you to explore more!

Mostly, customers reach out to your site and purchase the products because of their unique features. Likewise, your WooCommerce product page should also contain a unique look from others to get more reach. For that, you don’t have to learn any developing or coding skills.

All you have to do is, simply follow the procedures that I’m going to share with you. It’ll automatically help to customize your product pages in WooCommerce. Read this fully to get beneficial.

How to Customize the WooCommerce Product Pages?

Your WooCommerce product pages need some minor modifications to customize. Let’s see the procedures one by one detailed. First, your site’s landing page should be properly optimized and had a great UI design.

When a customer lands on your page, you must gain their trust. If the product page was not optimized well, then they will leave the page without doing any purchase.

Next, you have to display all the features on the product page. Use proper images, and videos (mostly 2), and add some stats related to the product to know more about your product’s position and value in the market.

These are some of the factors that help to bring more visitors to your site and also to increase sales. It leads to making many long-term customers for your site and the search engines also rank your site at the top of the search results.

Need of a Plugin

Sometimes, you don’t show some important features of the product in the product field. This is mostly happening because you’re using the default WooCommerce features. Yes, the default does not have many options that we most want.

For that, we have the best plugin which serves flexible usage and provides so many rich features for us to explore. Download the Extra Product Options and Custom Addons for the WooCommerce plugin.

banner image of extra product options and custom addons woocommerce plugin

Uses of Custom Product Options (Addons)

Let’s say if you have a pizza shop, you can let the customers choose the toppings, sauce, cheese, and flavors that they want. Also, the delivery date and time could be able to collect with the help of this plugin.

Yes, it provides several types of custom product fields that help to provide more details on the WooCommerce product page.

Benefits of the Plugin

Extra product options and custom addons for the WooCommerce plugin help to personalize your products. You can add, edit, remove and rearrange the custom as well as default product fields.

It provides 15+ custom product field types including multi-select, radio buttons, file uploading options, header, help text feature, date time picker, custom price fields, and so on.

Also, compatible with the WPML plugin.

different custom field types of product addons plugin

After activating the plugin, you can see the “Extra Product Addons” option below the “WooCommerce”. Click on that, you’ll see the below page on your screen.

page of extra product addons plugin

Product Page Customization

I’ll explain the process to optimize your WooCommerce product pages. It’s the best way and most easily understandable one.

How to add custom fields to the WooCommerce Product page?

On the product page, you could see some fields are there by default. If that’s not enough, you may add some from the custom product options. The custom fields are on the right side of the page. Just drag the field that you want and drop it on the form. Also, place it in the position you want.

That’s it! You have added a custom field to your product page.

adding custom fields to the product page

How to remove custom product fields in WooCommerce?

Then, remove the unwanted fields that are present default on the product page. Simply, hover the mouse over the top-right of the respective fields. There you can see the “Remove” option at the end, and click on it. Now, you have successfully removed the field from your page.

removing fields from the product page in woocommerce

How to edit product fields in WooCommerce?

After that, you can edit a default or custom field by clicking the “Edit” option nearby the remove option. Then, the below page will be shown on your WordPress page.

Once you reached that page, put the help text, placeholder, value, type, maximum length, and row type related to your product. If that custom product field was to be filled compulsorily, then make sure that you’ve clicked the required box.

editing the fields in the woocommerce product page

Finally, save all the changes that you’ve made by clicking the “Save Changes” button on the top-right area. Additionally, all the default WooCommerce checkout fields have been restored on the checkout field by clicking the “Restore default fields” button.

save changes and restore the fields buttons

Want to get more sales in WooCommerce? Then know briefly about the product page optimization here.


Now, you’ve customized the product page based on your needs. This completely modified page will satisfy many customers by providing relevant field types for them.

Also, your customers will purchase the products without any hesitation. It will automatically improve the conversion rate and users’ engaging time on your site. Thus, you no need to regret it anymore.


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