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Joomla – Learning Fun

It’s how it began. Joomla – A buzzword that has driven me crazy lately. Being a writer, I have been coming across hot new buzzwords now and then, but some words we tend to miss out thinking that it’s just above our understanding. Joomla is one such word; I avoided doubting that it’s jargon beyond my understandability.

I just couldn’t get over it. Like a ghost, it followed me, and it started poking my writers’ pride. I realized that I was running away from acquiring knowledge. With trending online shops and e-commerce sites, I came across people speaking about buying Joomla templates. Thanks to the word ‘template’. It helped me make a big guess that it is a user-friendly word after all.

And here I am. Watching a marathon of ‘How to’ and ‘What is’ videos on Joomla! learning with so much fun, what’s this is all about. I am getting used to this new paradigm. It’s like ‘so easy and so much fun.’ How grateful am I to Brain Teeman for his series of tutorial videos on this!!

It takes only good guides and good teachers to motivate a person to learn out of his or her profile. Being a non-technical person, I saw web development, web designs, and such technical jargon as ‘noise.’ And now, it occurs to me that everything is about time, interest, and guidance.

I am pretty confident that at the end of video tutorials, I will be able to build a Joomla 3 website on my own. My sincere thanks to J2store.org that introduced me to Joomla! But for you, Joomla!, to me, would still have been a ‘mumbo jumbo.’

I shall share my learning experience in the following posts.



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