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How to Add Custom Product Fields? 5 Best Product Addons Plugins for WooCommerce

Make your WooCommerce store more adorable with custom product fields. Do you want to take the store to the next level? Then this article is specially made for you!

All you have to do is just make some changes to the product page. Yes, now you are having the default WooCommerce on your WordPress site. That helps to make some changes to your site. But, that does not suffice for making more money. We need something to explore our products.

I’m happy to share the best and easiest way to add custom product options to your WooCommerce products page. Also, the benefits to increase your sales and conversion rate.

Let us see them one by one.

What are Product Addons?

Product Addons is nothing but adding some custom fields to the WooCommerce product page. It helps to provide some more details about our products. So, we can show the visitors all the detailed features and other product-related details clearly. This leads to a huge increase in our sales.

a page showing different product options

WooCommerce product add-ons help to add, edit, remove and rearrange the custom fields. You can add several product fields like radio options, checkbox, drop-down menu, date picker, time picker, help text feature, file upload feature, etc.

In every field, we have to face a lot of competitors. Likewise, in the WooCommerce business, if we earn some profit, then we must work harder to achieve. But, I’m here to tell you the easy and best way. First, you have to customize the product page. Then, simply follow the below procedures to optimize your product page.

How to add Product Addons to WooCommerce?

Plenty of product addons plugins are there in the WordPress directory. But, we don’t want all of them to guide us. We just want a suitable one for our product with some rich features. I hereby aligned the top-rated, most used, and well-qualified custom product options plugins.

Just take a look at them and pick yours.

Extra Product Options (Custom Addons)for WooCommerce

Customize your product page with the best free and premium WooCommerce product add-ons by ThemeParrot. It provides 15+ different custom product field types for us. You can add, edit, rearrange and remove the custom as well as default fields. The drag and drop builder helps to work effortlessly. There is no need for any coding knowledge. Also, provides custom price fields to explore our products more.

banner image of extra product options and custom addons woocommerce plugin

Performance was so optimized. The easily customizable product add-ons are available on WordPress at a very low price(when compared to others with the same features). That’s why I displayed this plugin in the first position. Multiple file uploading, help text feature, drop-down, multi-select, color picker, date-time picker, header options, and some others are available. Just give it a try!

Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

You can add several custom fields to your WooCommerce product page with the extra product options plugin by ThemeHigh. There are so many key features like custom validations, conditional display of fields and sections, grouping similar product fields together, and some others. You can position the field value with this plugin.

banner image of custom product fields plugin

Add extra charges to your product and style the display based on your need. It also provides a date-time picker, validates user inputs, and modifies the Add to Cart button text. And, you can import, backup and export all the extra fields with just a click.

WooCommerce Custom Product Addons

A lightweight custom product addons by Acowebs with a responsive design. Its conditional logic feature helps us to show or hide the fields based on the selected value on the other fields. And, you can set prices for the fields as a fixed value and percentage value. Based on the product variations, you can show the fields.

banner image of product addons plugin

The custom price formula helps us to calculate the price with the product quantity, user input value, price of other fields, and the product base price. This can be done by a mathematical formula. It also provides some custom product fields to help customers know more about the products.

Flexible Product Fields PRO WooCommerce

A premium product field plugin for WooCommerce by WpDesk. Add a group of custom fields to your product page and make them required or not based on your need. Set various prices for different fields. Its built-in editor serves comfortable add and edit facility for us. Place your custom fields above as well as below the cart.

banner image of flexible product fields plugin

Provides better performance and the page loading speed is also low. You have the option of allowing the customers to select between insurance and a longer warranty with an upsell field. Before adding to the cart, you can customize the product.

YITH WooCommerce Product Addons

Now add custom product options both free and paid to your WooCommerce product page. YITH provides additional services such as special transfer services, insurance, warranty, and customizations to high the order value. It also contains a comprehensive library from which you can configure several options like checkboxes, images, upload fields, select dropdowns, color swatches, and so on.

banner image of woocommerce product addons

Create dependence rules to display various alternatives based on the user’s choice. Make some blocks to create the custom product options. You are allowed to create numerous blocks based on your need. Also, promote your related products as additional options.


We’ve seen a detailed explanation of the custom product options in this article. Also, I suggested the best WooCommerce product addons plugins in the WordPress directory to minimize your inconvenience in searching. Now, make your online store more dynamic and increase your sales and conversion rate by using suitable custom product options. I hope, you got something beneficial today!


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